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Creating "Unofficial" bootable CD's

Hi ALl,

I need to create a new "unofficial" set of CD's for Debian 3.0-r2 with
an additional kernel as boot-option which contains drivers for
un-supported platforms in the normal "official" debian cd set.

Now I've installed and configured debian-cd on a debian machine, created
a local mirror and created a set of CD's.... However....

The CD's are "recovery" bootable CD's with a slightly different tree
structure than the official debian-3.0-r2 cd's. Some differences include
the directory /boot and the lack of directory /isolinux (which usually
contains all the installation kernels??).

Could someone please provide me with some good details on how to build a
new customized CD-set using debian-cd (or whatever tool is used for the
official CD's), together with what I need to change to add another
kernel as boot option??!!


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