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Re: Dirty workaround for size reduction in the netinst cds

Quoting Santiago Garcia Mantinan:
> The problem was how to translate this into debian-cd code, and I did so at
> gluck by "hinting" the list, I mean that I added a couple of good hints at
> the beginning of the list so that the problematic dependencies that were
> throwing a lot of unwanted stuff in the cds get covered with this hints and
> thus we avoid that extra stuff.
> I know this is a dirty thing, thats why I have commited the stuff for having
> the 2.6 in the images but not this part of the code, which only aims size
> reduction on the netinst cd, and I'm posting it here asking for comments on
> it and if I should commit it or not.

Please commit it because otherwise nobody else will be able to generate
nice netinst CDs but you're right, it's an ugly fix. That's why you have
to comment it better so that we don't forget about this hack and so that
we have a chance to make a better fix when someone has the time needed.

Include a pointer to the mail archives of this discussion in the

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