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Re: Dual Boot?

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rfa@msumain.edu.ph wrote:

> In installing debian on my system, I want to dual boot but I am
> not sure which to boot first, WinXp(there are some apps that I
> still have to run on windows), or Debian and how should i
> partition(where to install the OSs).

> Does anyone have a guide on this?

Here is an old bookmark, but you should find a lot of descriptions
in the net or in debians mailinglist archive (think I've read
something about this a few weeks ago).


> Also can Debian write to NTFS partitions?

Yes, you _can_ write to an NTFS partition - I've tried it with
Windows NT and an 2.4.x Kernel and result was that after a couple of
weeks the NTFS partition became unreadable. Since when building a
new kernel and selecting NTFS write support it is clearly marked as
_experimental_ I used an extra partition for testing, so it didn't
matter at all. So don't use it except for testing - if you must
transfer files from linux to windows it is much better to use a FAT
partition to do that.

> And is there a utility to let the user choose which partition
> will boot up?

While installing woody the installer asks you how lilo (LInuxLOader)
should be configured - here you can add all partitions you want to
boot from, and after rebooting you get a menu where you an pick.

But you can search the archives (at http://lists.debian.org) there
were some discussions about this recently.


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