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Re: which isos to download?

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Hi Rommel!

rfa@msumain.edu.ph you wrote:

> May i ask if I have to download all the isos to install debian?
> Which are the most important isos to download?

No you havn't to download all images of woody to install it. In fact
you don't even need a full image of cd 1 to install - there are some
net install images around there, which are much smaller and are able
to download all software packages from the internet while installing :-)


But you can also use the first four CDs of woody for example to
install from cd and get all other software from the net. (Most of
the interesting software will be on the first cds)

> what is the differnce between sarge and woody?

Woody is the current stable release - meaning it has been tested a
long time and it is very stable. And there are security updates
available for it, so you get updates for packages with security
risks really fast. But because of the testing phase and the fact
that woody was first released 19th of July, 2002 some of the
packages are a bit outdated (here you can get backports with newer

Sarge is the current testing "release" - so this is more up to date
than woody, but testing it has not finished yet. You may use this on
your own pc but I do not recommend to use it on a production system
(as a server for example), because there may be some errors and
security risks ans these not updated as fast as in woody.

> sorry if my questions are not very good.

My english isn't eihter ;-) But I remember my teachers: "There are
no bad questions... only bas answers." (and I hope mine isn't)


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