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Re: Dual Boot?

> rfa@msumain.edu.ph <rfa@msumain.edu.ph> [2004-02-03 09:48]:
> In installing debian on my system, I want to dual boot but I am not sure
> which to boot first, WinXp(there are some apps that I still have to run on
> windows), or Debian and how should i partition(where to install the OSs).
> Does anyone have a guide on this?

My recommendation:
    - create a common DOS-mbr
    - partition your disk like
        /dev/hda1 /boot (50MB)  <= mark as active
        /dev/hda2 /ntfs
        /dev/hda3 /
        /dev/hda5 /home
        /dev/hda6 /var
    - install the lilo bootblock into /dev/hda1
    - install WinXP/Debian as usual
      (remember that WinXP changes the active partition)
    - add an entry into /etc/lilo.conf such that it allows
      booting /dev/hda2

> Also can Debian write to NTFS partitions?
There are some drivers, see on SourceForge or ask Google.

> And is there a utility to let the user choose which partition will boot up?

lilo / grub / Windofs Boot Manager

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