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Re: Status of the images for CDs and DVDs

Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> Jeffrey Barish
> Jan 'Miernik' Macek
    (his email is miernik@ctnet.pl)
> Barrie James
    (his email is barriedjames@worldonline.co.uk)

> I've been looking at the installation reports and only found those with
> booting problems, anybody gets any others?

I also found redcane <redcane@dodo.com.au> in #221638

I've gone over all the installation bug reports since beta-1 looking for
CD boot problems (and also managed to categorise and reassign about half
of the reports), so I think that's all. (I may have missed a few reports
posted directly to the debian-boot mailing list.)

see shy jo

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