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Re: Status of the images for CDs and DVDs

Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> I'd like to comment on the bug we had with the debian-installer beta-1 cds,
> which weren't bootable on some machines, for what I saw, this was not
> isolinux fault, the businesscard cds were carrying the same isolinux and had
> been made using the very same isolinux options and were not failing, farther
> more, the netinst images made prior or after the beta-1 seem to work again.
> I'd like to get this tested by some other people than me, by downloading the
> daily netinst images we are producing now and testing them in one of the
> machines that didn't want to boot out of the beta-1 cds.

Maybe we could send out a mail to everyone who filed an install report
of failure, and see if they can reproduce the failure, and also make
sure they didn't produce a CD with a .iso file on it or similar mistake.

see shy jo

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