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Status of the images for CDs and DVDs


The recovery of the functionality of our servers is taking long, we still
don't have gluck.debian.org/cdimage back, however that doesn't mean we have
stopped making images, in fact, we are now able to produce DVD images as

While we don't recover gluck.debian.org/cdimage you can find the new images
at http://people.debian.org/~manty/testing/ currently there are only i386
and ia64 images, but as soon as debian-installer images of alpha, powerpc
and others are produced, I'll start building CDs and DVDs for those as well.

I have started producing jigdos for DVDs, they are made for the standard
4.7GB DVDs, so you can have sarge binaries in one and a half DVD, or you can
record it all in a double sided DVD, if anybody finds other needs, please
comment them.

The new tree for the images is like this:


This can of course be changed if anybody sugest a more logical one.

I have made and tested the DVDs at Extremadura (home of Linex) during the
first Debconf-ES, they worked perfectly, the only problem I found is that
the 2.4.22 doesn't mount the DVD-R or DVD-RW disks on some DVD readers (at
least some pioneer slot in) when using auto as the filesystem type. This has
been corrected on 2.4.23, and can be workarounded by changing the fs type in
/etc/fstab from auto to iso9660, or by avoiding this convination of hardware
via using DVD+R or DVD+RW, for example.

I'd like to comment on the bug we had with the debian-installer beta-1 cds,
which weren't bootable on some machines, for what I saw, this was not
isolinux fault, the businesscard cds were carrying the same isolinux and had
been made using the very same isolinux options and were not failing, farther
more, the netinst images made prior or after the beta-1 seem to work again.
I'd like to get this tested by some other people than me, by downloading the
daily netinst images we are producing now and testing them in one of the
machines that didn't want to boot out of the beta-1 cds.

I don't know what happened to the beta-1 cds, looking at the images
everything seems ok, I tried to contact upstream of mkisofs and isolinux
without luck. It seems to me either a bug in the BIOS or in mkisofs, I'll
try to make more tests, but it seems quite difficult for me to find the
exact problem, if anybody with more experience in bootable cds can help he
is welcome to do so.

Well, I think that is all for now.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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