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Re: Status of the images for CDs and DVDs

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On Wednesday 17 December 2003 12:17 pm, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> Hi!
> The recovery of the functionality of our servers is taking long, we
> still don't have gluck.debian.org/cdimage back, however that doesn't
> mean we have stopped making images, in fact, we are now able to
> produce DVD images as well.
> While we don't recover gluck.debian.org/cdimage you can find the new
> images at http://people.debian.org/~manty/testing/ currently there
> are only i386 and ia64 images, but as soon as debian-installer images
> of alpha, powerpc and others are produced, I'll start building CDs
> and DVDs for those as well.
> I have started producing jigdos for DVDs, they are made for the
> standard 4.7GB DVDs, so you can have sarge binaries in one and a half
> DVD, or you can record it all in a double sided DVD, if anybody finds
> other needs, please comment them.
> The new tree for the images is like this:
> testing/
>     netinst/
>         $ARCH/
>             daily/
>                 ISOs
>     jigdo-area/
>         $ARCH/
>             JIGDOs
>     dvd/
>         jigdo-area/
>             $ARCH/>
> I'd like to comment on the bug we had with the debian-installer
> beta-1 cds, which weren't bootable on some machines, for what I saw,
> this was not isolinux fault, the businesscard cds were carrying the
> same isolinux and had been made using the very same isolinux options
> and were not failing, farther more, the netinst images made prior or
> after the beta-1 seem to work again. I'd like to get this tested by
> some other people than me, by downloading the daily netinst images we
> are producing now and testing them in one of the machines that didn't
> want to boot out of the beta-1 cds.
> I don't know what happened to the beta-1 cds, looking at the images
> everything seems ok, I tried to contact upstream of mkisofs and
> isolinux without luck. It seems to me either a bug in the BIOS or in
> mkisofs, I'll try to make more tests, but it seems quite difficult
> for me to find the exact problem, if anybody with more experience in
> bootable cds can 
>                 JIGDOs
> This can of course be changed if anybody sugest a more logical one.
> I have made and tested the DVDs at Extremadura (home of Linex) during
> the first Debconf-ES, they worked perfectly, the only problem I found
> is that the 2.4.22 doesn't mount the DVD-R or DVD-RW disks on some
> DVD readers (at least some pioneer slot in) when using auto as the
> filesystem type. This has been corrected on 2.4.23, and can be
> workarounded by changing the fs type in /etc/fstab from auto to
> iso9660, or by avoiding this convination of hardware via using DVD+R
> or DVD+RW, for example.
sniphelp he is welcome to do so.
> Well, I think that is all for now.
> Regards...
> --
> Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

Cool..Thanks, I have built Testing DVD's and successfully completed an 
install in Vmware. I will take these images to our LUG meeting and 
install on more hardware later on.

Does this mean that DVD's will be an 'official' part of Debian Sarge ?

thanks again.
- -- 
Greg Madden
Debian GNU/Linux
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