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3.0_r2 jigdos finally signed off --- please check MD5SUMs

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Hi Folks,

Sorry about this, but for several of the architectures the images I had
made ended up being larger than 650MB.  Since Steve independently
managed to produce images that were actually small enough to fit on a
650MB CD, I've decided to go with his images, so if you grabbed images
in the mean time, you may have a copy of mine, with a large 1_NONUS

Both sets are internally consistent, so if you've burnt some already
(onto 700MB media say) they should work fine, but they won't be the
"official" ones, since the "official" ones are designated by the
presence of a signed MD5SUM file.

If people have run off a few thousand of the wrong set (and assuming
they really do work) I'm open to persuasion that I should just sign
the superseded MD5SUM file, and call it MD5SUM.oversize or something,
and treat both as "official" given that they should both be equally
valid, but hopefully that's not happened yet.

On the whole, this could have gone smoother than it did, and would
probably have gone much better if I'd just left it to Steve, who we
have to thank for producing the vast majority of the images that we're
actually using for 3.0_r2 --- Thanks Steve :-)

Anyway, the signed MD5SUM files are now there for the taking (all bar
the source, which should be ready shortly) so if you are worried about
it, check your sums.

Again, my apologies for any inconvenience.

Cheers, Phil.
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