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Re: Silo breakage creating woody r2 CDs for sparc

> Can I ask one favour for in future, though - if any more changes are
> made in future to core tools like silo, mkisofs etc. that will affect
> CD/DVD image generation, can you please give us just a little bit of
> warning? At the moment, without the information about the new isofs.b
> you gave me a way back up this messy thread, we wouldn't be able to
> make working (bootable) sparc images for sarge or sid.

Generally I fix the debian-cd sparc scripts myself. So once cvs.d.o is
accepting logins again, I'll fix it there for sarge/sid.

> On that front, how is the sparc end of the debian-installer work
> going?

I have the stuff building but not very tested right now. I need to find
time to get back into it.

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