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Re: Silo breakage creating woody r2 CDs for sparc

> Some consistency of the changes might not hurt. The fact that the
> debian-cd code in both woody _and_ unstable still depends on very
> specific behaviour of old versions of silo and mkisofs is a bit of a
> problem here:

Each release the debian-cd code changes because the dist changes. That
has included the boot stuff and arguments to mkisofs, aswell as
switching back and forth between mkisofs and mkhybrid.

This is nothing different. Mkisofs upstream would not accept the
-silo-boot patch, and so the Debian maintainer of mkisofs threw it out
aswell, and I was left with no way to make bootable sparc CD's in
unstable. So me being the SILO maintainer, I spent a lot of time writing
isofs.b to replace the old cd.b, so that an unpatched mkisofs could in
fact build bootable sparc CD's. Thing is, this only affects unstable,

> > silo_deb=`ls $MIRROR/pool/main/s/silo/silo_*.deb | tail -1`
> > # put the relevant parts of SILO boot loader
> > (ar p $silo_deb data.tar.gz | \
> >         tar zxf - -C $inst/ ./boot/{cd,second}.b)
> >I'm not taking any blame or guilt from your problems. You caused your
> >own headache.
> Thanks very much for the support, Ben. I've been working hard trying
> to get some sparc CDs created, and I didn't think asking for some help
> to get this job done was particularly out of order. Apparently I was
> wrong. I hope you have time to get the installer and CDs ready for the
> sarge release...

No, you didn't ask, you bitched and moaned and got pretty damn rude
about it. Just asking would have gotten you a nice reply with
explanation, and help avoiding the problem. Apparently you don't know
how to ask nicely and would rather be an ass about it. To top it off,
it's your own damn fault and you felt like pointing fingers.

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