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Re: Some observations about Debian installation

Otto Wyss wrote:
> I'm just gone through a new Debian installation process and think I know
> a little bit what's wrong.
> 1. The current stable release (3.0r1) is just outdated.
> 2. There are way too many show stoppers in the testing release (3.1)
> installation
> 1. takes care that (almost) nobody uses Debian/stable for new systems.

This is just symptomatic of it being nearly time for a release.

> 2. takes care that (almost) everybody takes out his old Woody CD and
> does a dist-upgrade or similar. Therefore none of the installation
> problems gets mentioned and solved, at least not within a wish able time
> frame.

I don't belive that this is true. We've gotten hundred of installation
reports of the new installer, and as it improves to the point where most
of them are successful installation reports, more and more mention
problems past the initial installation. Those will be forwarded to the
right places.

> And if someone still is determined and goes through the process
> and mentioning any problems he gets either no answer (see
> "http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2003/debian-boot-200311/msg01073.ht
> ml") or just some not very helpful (see
> "http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2003/debian-devel-200311/msg01248.
> html").

I would like to look at these urls, but the server is down due to the
security compromise.

> The problems I've mention are show stoppers for any user not as much
> accustomed to Debian as I. And they have to be fixed in one or the other
> way. Else Debian still keeps its image as a hacker distribution.
> Regardless how good or bad Debian is and regardless how many RC bugs
> exists, if a user encounters a show stopper during installation this
> user is lost. Gurus might find a solution but casual users simply switch
> to another distribution. Therefore the installation process has to be
> foolproof to a certain degree.

Isn't this a little bit off-topic for debian-cd?

see shy jo

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