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Re: Some observations about Debian installation

wyo@users.sourceforge.net (Otto Wyss) writes:

> I'm just gone through a new Debian installation process and think I know
> a little bit what's wrong.
> 1. The current stable release (3.0r1) is just outdated.
> 2. There are way too many show stoppers in the testing release (3.1)
> installation
> 1. takes care that (almost) nobody uses Debian/stable for new systems.
> 2. takes care that (almost) everybody takes out his old Woody CD and
> does a dist-upgrade or similar. Therefore none of the installation
> problems gets mentioned and solved, at least not within a wish able time
> frame. And if someone still is determined and goes through the process
> and mentioning any problems he gets either no answer (see
> "http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2003/debian-boot-200311/msg01073.ht
> ml") or just some not very helpful (see

Discussed, explained and mostly fixed on the ML and cvs.

> "http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2003/debian-devel-200311/msg01248.
> html").

Installing kernel-image-2.4.22

What has that got to do with installing sarge?
> The problems I've mention are show stoppers for any user not as much
> accustomed to Debian as I. And they have to be fixed in one or the other
> way. Else Debian still keeps its image as a hacker distribution.
> Regardless how good or bad Debian is and regardless how many RC bugs
> exists, if a user encounters a show stopper during installation this
> user is lost. Gurus might find a solution but casual users simply switch
> to another distribution. Therefore the installation process has to be
> foolproof to a certain degree.

You are welcome to help.


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