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Re: prerequisites for debian-installer image upload

Le Tue, Oct 28, 2003 at 07:24:26PM -0500, Joey Hess écrivait:
> debian-cd: 
> What kinds of images do you use/need from the debian-installer tree for
> building CDs on the various architectures? There is both an initrd
> image, and a CD boot "floppy" image, and I do not want to waste space in
> the archive with both if they are not both needed on a given
> architecture.

We need :
- kernel + initrd for "isolinux" (for multiple choice at boot time) for
  the first CD
- kernel + initrd for starting the installation via LoadLin on
- boot images (2.88MB mainly) for making the CD 2 & above
  bootable (the good old way which should still work if isolinux fails)

That's for i386. I can't tell for non-i386 arches but I bet that most
archs need only boot images.

> Last week I disabled shipping the initrd image, and this apparently
> broke CD builds on i386. It looks like the CD for i386 includes both the
> CD "floppy" and a cdrom.gz that looks like a renamed version of our CD
> initrd. Surely these are not both necessary?

Yes they are. One is needed to boot with isolinux on CD1 and the other to
make another CD bootable (usual ElTorito thing).

> The CD also currently contains the d-i floppy-initrd.gz (in install/),
> and I do not understand how this can possibly be of use, but my removal
> of that initrd from the debian-installer daily builds also seemed to
> break the CD builds.

The actual script downloads floppy-image.img and floppy-initrd.gz ... it
copies the initrd but never use it anywhere. So we should probably
remove any reference to those files in our scripts since they are not

> as opposed to against the daily builds. And all the filenames of the
> various images d-i produces are due for an overhaul that will break your
> build scripts. Just a heads up for now on that.SQ

Santiago (aka manty), would you like to take care of that ? I'm quite
busy lately and I certainly won't be respoosive enough in the days to
come ...

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