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Re: Building alpha images under i386?

On Tue, Oct 28, 2003 at 08:13:27PM +0100, Jan Kesten wrote:
>It's me again - and a new problem (even if I can't solve the prior
>one with the dvds), now I tried to build alpha images under an i386.
>All works fine until "make images" - here debian-cd fails, because it
>can't find isomarkboot.
>I found an old thread here with the same problem - but I found no
>solution in the archive. Can somebody help me?

Oh yes, this old chestnut. I remember this biting me a while
ago. You'll need to build your own version of isomarkboot from the
sources to aboot. IIRC it's quite easy, but it needs hand-building
because the rest of the aboot package won't build usefully on
non-Alpha. Shout if you need help with that...

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