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prerequisites for debian-installer image upload

I'm trying to get an upload of the debian-installer boot images
(everything except CD) into the Debian archive, similar to how the
boot-floppies used to go into the archive. I think that this will be
increasingly important as we begin to stabalize d-i before release, and
now is not too soon to start working on it. I've cc'd debian-cd and
debian-powerpc because of some unresolved issues:


My plan is to only have the debian-installer package list i386 and
powerpc as its architectures at first, and add more architectures later
as they are ready. It should be possible to autobuild the images on at
least some autobuilders. Last week I asked for my package to be test
built on powerpc, and got two failure reports, but no followup. I would
like to get in touch with someone who runs the powerpc autobuilder and
make sure the package will build there.


What kinds of images do you use/need from the debian-installer tree for
building CDs on the various architectures? There is both an initrd
image, and a CD boot "floppy" image, and I do not want to waste space in
the archive with both if they are not both needed on a given

Last week I disabled shipping the initrd image, and this apparently
broke CD builds on i386. It looks like the CD for i386 includes both the
CD "floppy" and a cdrom.gz that looks like a renamed version of our CD
initrd. Surely these are not both necessary?

The CD also currently contains the d-i floppy-initrd.gz (in install/),
and I do not understand how this can possibly be of use, but my removal
of that initrd from the debian-installer daily builds also seemed to
break the CD builds.

We will also eventually need to figure out if and how CD images should
be built against the d-i images that will eventually be in the archive,
as opposed to against the daily builds. And all the filenames of the
various images d-i produces are due for an overhaul that will break your
build scripts. Just a heads up for now on that.

see shy jo

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