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Custom netinst cd / lvm


I would like to take a sarge netinst cd and customize it to include lvm
support in the kernel and the modules I need... As far as I could see
the standard version didn't give me what I wanted...

So, I tried doing this by mounting the standard image, copy everything,
exchange the kernel and the modules in net.gz after mounting that file,
and then "remaking" the image by running mkisofs with the parameters
specified in the isolinux documentation I found... After having failed
to get this to work two times I now turn to you for some hints... When I
try to use my customized cd it fails to mount the root ramdisk allthough
there are no error messages up to that... I realized the first time that
I didn't have ramdisk support compiled in in my kernel but since it
seems it didn't help to add that I'm not sure what the problem is...

Any hints? Are there any tools to do stuff like this easily?


PS I'm not on the list so please cc me...

Now take a deep breath, smile and don't take life so seriously... :)

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