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Installer moduleloading routine problem


Ive been using stable for a while now so i thought ill give the nsarge
install CD's a go.
I downloaded the Sarge netinstall beta CD's, and everything went fine.

In my box there's a little problem which i have to face everytime i face
a new distro. I have 3 IDE Disks. 2 of them are all OK, but one of them
has 1 pin missing, the one that is above the "hole". This has happend
because of me connecting the cable upside down one time, the type of
cable doesnt have that hole in the middle, instead it's just flat. That
resulted in breaking the pin of course. Now, it doesn't really concern
the work of the disk, just that you have to disable UDMA, because
according to my book, that's what this pin is assigned to (it has some
revelnce to it in other words). Windoze usually sees a problm with UDMA,
and turns it off for the disks, and all goes well. In Linux usually
appending the ide=nodma switch also works. Hoever, in the sarge
netinstall procedure the modules are loaded after the kernel loads, so
that rules out passing that variable on boot-time. 

It should be noted that if i don't tell Linux SPECIFICALLY NOT to use
UDMA, the boot process will hang in the "detecting partitions" part, and
will standstill. (RedHat9 here is an exception. On thier Boot-CD's their
kernel will wait for a while, display a timeout error, then continue,
and the disk IS THERE.) 

So, i suggest doing something for ppl to disable the UDMA switch. Or
maybe there IS a way to pass that variable to the kernel, that i don't
know of. Any thoughts?


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