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Re: Adding eepro100.o to sarge netinst

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Bob Proulx]
> > So basically with the 2.4.20 and later kernels you need to change
> > the module name for that driver from eepro100 to e100.
> Yes, we know.  We are waiting for discover version 2 to be able to fix
> this.

But apparently the original poster did not know that.  This was in
response to his posting.

> BTW: The correct mailing list for discussing the Debian installation
>   system is debianb-boot@lists.debian.org.

Yes.  But who is talking about the installer?  In the original
message, the OP was asking how to get the eepro100 driver added to the
ISO cd image.  He did not know that he did not need it there nor why.

Yes, discover 2 will be wonderful.  But if we talk about that then we
will be talking about the installer and should do that in debian-boot
instead of here.  :-)


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