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Re: Adding eepro100.o to sarge netinst

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Joseph Barillari wrote:
> > does not have the eepro100 (a fairly common ethernet card)
> > driver. Is there an easy way to build an image that has it? Failing
> > that, where may I suggest that it be added to the ISO?
> I suspect this driver is called e100 now.

Just some background...

This card has has two different drivers for quite a while.  One is the
'eepro100' driver which was a free driver and widely distributed.
Unfortunately it had some problems and under some conditions would
stop working on a system and requiring a reset to restore functioning.

The second driver was the driver source direct from Intel, the
manufacturer of the chipset, called the 'e100' driver.  It seems to be
a high quality driver and to avoid the "drop out" problem of the
eepro100 driver.  We have switched entirely over to it.  It has been
available as a direct download from Intel from their web site but it
had originally been released under a non-free Intel copyright.

Intel recently changed the copyright on the e100 driver.  It is now
free and redistributable.  It is now getting distributed with the
2.4.20 kernel series.  Intel did a good thing there by making their
driver both available and free.

So basically with the 2.4.20 and later kernels you need to change the
module name for that driver from eepro100 to e100.


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