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Re: Debian-390 needs DVD for hercules installation

On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 05:48:11PM -0800, Peter Farley wrote:
>I will persist until I get a working NFS, but a DVD
>would still really simplify everyone's life, IMHO.
>I don't have the hardware to help develop it, but if
>those who do would do so and release it to the fine
>Debian CD vendors, I'd sure be willing to pay money 
>for it.

It shouldn't be difficult to make DVDs for S390, in fact, as they
don't need any special work to be bootable. I'll try and have a look
this week. I've started DVD image production runs on open several
times, but each time I've had to stop. The problems I've seen so far
with creating DVDs are:

   random hardware problems causing machines to die / lock up (*looks at

   for bootable Alpha support, we need to generate an i386 binary of
   isomarkboot that's large file safe - that's cause alpha DVD builds
   to fail every time.

   a problem in the HFS support in mkisofs broke the PowerPC DVD
   build. Now fixed.

I'd be surprised if we don't see issues creating DVDs for all the
platforms that currently need special programs to make the CDs
bootable after they're created (i.e. alpha, hppa, mipsel, powerpc). If
people here know much about the programs involved (isomarkboot, palo,
mkdecbootcd and hmount/hattrib/humount respectively), it would be
usefult to talk to you.

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