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Re: Debian-390 needs DVD for hercules installation

--- Richard Atterer <feb2003@nospam.atterer.net>
> I agree that DVD images would be nice. :)
> However, note that IMHO you only need 1200MB of free
> space for your "package server" machine to be 
> usable: Transfer the first two CDs to its
> HD, mount the third CD, and the resulting set of
> available packages should be enough for an 
> installation on the s390.

Yes, but that precludes anything from the other three
disks from being installed.  Yes, it can be installed
later, if needed/wanted, but why put people through
that, if they know what they want from the start?

> BTW, HTTP is probably better than NFS for this. See
> the first point on
> <http://www.debian.org/CD/faq/#lan-install> for the
> necessary sources.list entries.

That assumes you have an HTTP server running on your
base system.  Please understand, this is a single-PC
home environment I'm discussing here, running a RH7.3
setup without any HTTP server at all and no plans to
install one.  My primary goal is to run and learn
Linux-390 under Hercules-390 emulation, not become a
server guru.  I'm already a mainframe guru in several
subject areas, so I'm not looking to add another such
bundle into my rapidly filling (or is that failing?)

> A different possibility is changing /etc/fstab on
> the s390 during the installation in such a way that 
> if /cdrom is mounted there, it is actually 
> an NFS mount which corresponds to /cdrom on your
> package server. So, whenever the s390 installation 
> asks you to swap CDs, you only need to mount 
> the correct CD on your package server to continue.

This is a good alternative, but it is one that the
debian installer should support.  Someone with no
knowledge of /etc/fstab should not be mucking around
with something that can leave their system unbootable.

I think I know enough to fix up /etc/fstab to do this,
*BUT* it requires a working NFS on the base system
that's running the Hercules emulator.

I haven't got NFS working yet in the base RH7.3
system, and am having much trouble getting help from
various lists.  Most have ignored my questions and
requests for help, including rh-valhalla, the
Linux-390 list at Marist, and even the Hercules-390
list (so far).

I will persist until I get a working NFS, but a DVD
would still really simplify everyone's life, IMHO.

I don't have the hardware to help develop it, but if
those who do would do so and release it to the fine
Debian CD vendors, I'd sure be willing to pay money 
for it.



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