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Debian-390 needs DVD for hercules installation

Hi all,

Just my US$0.02 worth, but installing Debian-390 on
hercules without enough disk space to load the 6
CD's worth of files is an excercise in frustration.

Things are probably all right for the folk with real
iron (and real CD drives that the installer can
use), but those of us without suffer.

The main problem being, of course, that hercules
doesn't have a CD device emulation available that
Debian-390 could use.

I *can* however, mount a DVD with all 6 CD's worth
of files on my DVD-ROM drive and export that via NFS 
to the Debian-390 installer (once I figure out how to
get NFS working on the base RH7.3 system, of course,
but that's for a different list).

I've read the stuff on jigdo, sounds pretty cool,
but lacking a DVD burner I can't exactly take 
advantage of it.  For that matter, even with a DVD
burner, I've got to have the 4.7Gb (times 2?) to 
first load the files and then make the image.

So, how about it folk?  Any chance a stable release
for Debian-390 can be made avalable to the vendors
out there so I can pay them for their hard work in
making a DVD for me to install on hercules?

If so, any time Real Soon?


Peter J. Farley III

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