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Re: Fw: File - /instmnt/pool/main/n/nano/nano_1.0.6_2_i386.deb

On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 02:05:32PM -0600, Mike Greenfield wrote:
> > Friends, ....I just bot the 7disk Debian 3.0 distro from TuxCDs.   When I
> > tried to install from Disk1, I got a message "file
> > /instmnt/pool/main/n/nano/nano_1.0.6_2_i386.deb was corrupt", and the

BTW, if you have a CD writer, you can use jigdo to create the correct CD
image for your corrupted CD, and write that to a replacement CD-R.

This is possible *without* downloading all the data on the CD again, you
only need to pass the corrupted CD's contents to jigdo at the "files to
scan" prompt. jigdo will work out automatically which .debs it can reuse,
and which ones it needs to fetch from the servers.



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