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jigdo simplified?

a Chairde

I am writing here not as a Debian user but as an admirer.(Our server at work was 
taken down for hardware upgrade after 510 days of trouble free service) The full 
Debian set is rather overwhelming for my hardware. I however got rather excited 
by the idea of jigdo, and wonder if I might make a suggestion which may make it 
more usable. Downloading and installing a CD worth of software is nothing to be 
taken too lightly, even in my case where I can do it at work during off-peak 
hours and we have a 1Mb line. 

So, you download all these files, and then start installing and are presented 
with a Q$A session asking which packages should be installed, and find that only 
10 or 20% of the files downloaded are actually used on your system. Would it be 
possible to make these decisions before downloading? The idea is like this. I 
connect to your servers and am presented with a list of the packages which are 
available, and make my selection. The dependency tree is worked out and the 
first thing I will download is a list of all the files that I need. My computer 
can then download just these files. It would take quite a bit of work from the 
Debian end to get this system up and running but would conceivably save a 
considerable chunk of bandwidth both at the Debian end, and at the user end.

yours etc.

Leo Tilson

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