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Fw: File - /instmnt/pool/main/n/nano/nano_1.0.6_2_i386.deb

.....UPDATE! - I just got email fm TuxCDs saying they were sending out a
replacement Disk1.   Let us see wat happens wen I try to use it.     More
later!    Tnx     MikeG

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From: "Mike Greenfield" <mikegre@crane-eng.com>
To: <debian-cd@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 2:01 PM
Subject: File - /instmnt/pool/main/n/nano/nano_1.0.6_2_i386.deb

> Friends, ....I just bot the 7disk Debian 3.0 distro from TuxCDs.   When I
> tried to install from Disk1, I got a message "file
> /instmnt/pool/main/n/nano/nano_1.0.6_2_i386.deb was corrupt", and the
> installation aborted.  Several tries yielded the same result.    An email
> tuxcds.com got no response.    I spose I'll have to dispute my credit card
> payment to them to get my $27 back.   Do you have any help to offer???
> Tnx!    MikeGreenfield

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