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Re: Debian 3.0 Update CD


"Martin Schulze" <joey@infodrom.org> írta 2002-12-15 14:06-kor:
> PÁSZTOR György wrote:
> Great.  What about an official update CD that can be fetched from
> cdimage.debian.org?
Currently, I'm not an official DD, but I started the NM procedure (1 year
ago:-) ), but me and my AM are also busy peoples, who are working on things,
and not writing childish e-mails:-)

> > The usual woody/potato extra CD's one part is the updates from the r0 point
> > relese to the newest sec. upgrades+ proposed upgrades.
> Proposed-updates should not be part of any update cd since it's nearly
> totally untested despite those packages that creeped in from
> security.debian.org.
I think that, It's everybody's own decision, to let the arbitrary part in
the line, what apt-cdrom adds to his sources.list, or remove it.

> > Theese CDs are only for i386 architecture.
> Why?  We should not prefer a random architecture over the other ones
> released with woody.
But you can create CDs with the
make ... ARCH=<any-other-existing-arch-in-woody>
command, or you want a CDset, which contains only the updates, but for all
I'm think, that I can write a new module (purpose) to my dc2.
But I have stupid exams at the university, in the near future :-)

> Anybody up for this task?  I can't do it on my own unless somebody
> implements fork() on me.
Under heavy construction:-) Biologysts have results on the implementation of
this function, but they tested it only on a sheep:-) (And they have ethical
questions about it's implementation, but that's another saga:-) )

> > PS.: Many users of thees CDs ask from me newer versions, but I always say
> > that, I want to wait the 3.0r1. So I ask U: When will release out the r1?
> Chances are that the update will be released tonight.
Hmm. That's great! I saw, that's already released.
Thank U, for your work.

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