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Re: Debian 3.0 Update CD


"Martin Schulze" <joey@infodrom.org> írta 2002-12-14 20:18-kor:
> I wonder if you are planning to provide a Debian 3.0 Update CD image
> that contains all additions after 3.0r0 was released until the most
> recent revision of 3.0.  Several people have shown interest in such
> a CD image for off-line use as an addition to the official 3.0r0
> images.
I already planned a CD, which contains the updates.
The usual woody/potato extra CD's one part is the updates from the r0 point
relese to the newest sec. upgrades+ proposed upgrades.
Theese CDs are only for i386 architecture.
But you can create for any architecture with the "tools", i made for this
purpose. See at http://debian.fsn.hu/~pasztor/dc2.tar.gz
The result of the run of this stuff usually available at

PS.: Many users of thees CDs ask from me newer versions, but I always say
that, I want to wait the 3.0r1. So I ask U: When will release out the r1?

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