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Re: Too few up-to-date CD image mirrors

> I asked Ryan (of DSA) about this and he told me that he'd prefer it if we
> just had people use jigdo since the debian/ mirrors are plenty and likely
> much faster than mirrors overloaded with heaps of rampant image downloaders.
> Frankly I agree with that sentiment, there sure are plenty of better ways to
> waste bandwidth.

I ended up installing jigdo just so I could get my hands on some 3.0
CD's for myself ... but it appears that our mirror is the exception not
the rule.

Looking over the past 3 months we've had over 4.0TB of Debian CD images
downloaded off of our mirror ... _a lot_ of people actually download all
7 CD's when most of them really just need the netinst images ... as a
mirror admin I'd love to be able to get the most bang for my buck in
terms of users served up.  I really wish we could encourage the use of
netinst images over downloading _all_ of the iso's.  And yes, some
people need all of those iso's ... that's fine ... but if a user
downloaded a decent netinst image (that was promoted by the website) and 
installed with that they would be done far faster than if they had to
download all 7 iso's.
> But then, we already have a bunch of mirrors that do have images, so
> _something_ needs to be done to bring back the consistency.

I think its got to be a combination of using jigdo and then tieing that
into the work that Joey has been doing on consistency checking.  Quite
honestly, this is the "cheapest" way to do it.

Scott :-)

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