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Re: debian cd-image mirrors and US export restrictions

Am Montag,  4. November 2002 23:37 schrieben Sie:
> Le Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 11:32:37PM +0100, Harald K. écrivait:
> > In contrast to the package servers, the debian cd image mirrors are not
> > separated according to this circumstances. Also the ones located in the
> > US are containing the non-us variant of the first iso image. I dont
> > understand why the US exports regulations seems to have no influence on
> > the distributing of the cd images, which contain US sensitive software
> > packages.
> > If anyone has an idea on this topic, I would be gratefull for any remark.
> US mirror of debian-cd should not distribute non-US CD images. However
> they can distribute jigdo templates for non-US CDs since those files do not
> contain the problematic packages, but just pointer to them.
> Cheers,

Hi Raphael,

I agree with you that in theory US based mirrors of debian-cd should not 
offer non-US cd images, but on http://www.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/ several 
mirrors can be found, which represent an exception to this.
I am just wondering in how far the debian project could possibly be made 
responsible for offering links to these problematic mirrors, which distribute 
non-US cd images.


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