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Re: debian cd-image mirrors and US export restrictions

On Tue, 5 Nov 2002, Harald K. wrote:

> I agree with you that in theory US based mirrors of debian-cd should not
> offer non-US cd images, but on http://www.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/ several
> mirrors can be found, which represent an exception to this.
> I am just wondering in how far the debian project could possibly be made
> responsible for offering links to these problematic mirrors, which distribute
> non-US cd images.

my opinion (as a mirror, FWIW) is it is not the debian project's problem or
responsibility if US sites decide to offer non-US software and/or contravene
any export regulations.

as long as the debian project (and it's mirroring system) has setup a system
to follow appropriate (reasonable?) regulations and made that available - which
it clearly has with the existence of non-US - it is upto end sites to follow

i don't think the debian project is responsible for porn that might be found
on a mirror site that it is linking to either, as long as it didn't put it
there in the first place.



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