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FW: Payment Accepted!

I ordered a set of CD's from bestlinuxcds.com in early September.  Even
though my account was debited for the payment of the CD's in early
September, as of 10/29/02 I still have not received the CD's.  Follow-up
emails first got no reply and most recently got an automated return without
indication of when I could expect shipment.

Any suggestion you can offer would be appreciated.  At a minimum, I thought
you should know that bestlinuxcds.com may not be an organization you should
be recommending on your web site.

Thank you for your help.

Tim C. Perry
DSA, Inc.

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From: Tim C. Perry [mailto:tcp@dsastl.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 7:24 PM
To: custservice@bestlinuxcds.com
Subject: FW: Payment Accepted!

I placed an order for the Debian "Intel CD Set" on September 8, 2002.  The
email below indicates that my payment of $19.95 was accepted on 9/12/02.  As
of 10/16/02 I have not received my CD's.

Can you please confirm receipt of my order and let me know when it will be

Thank you,

Tim C. Perry
DSA, Inc.

Shipping address:
Tim C. Perry
16 Bellerive Country Club Grounds
St. Louis, MO  63141-7320

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From: milsmith@vha.com [mailto:milsmith@vha.com]
Sent: Thursday, September 12, 2002 9:41 PM
To: tcp@dsastl.com
Subject: Payment Accepted!

This email confirms that LA Express has accepted the $19.94 you sent.

To view your PayPal balance or other account information, log in to
the PayPal website.

Thank you for using PayPal!

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