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Re: Download

On Tue 29 Oct, Kirk Struik wrote:
> Dear Debian,
> I heard about Linux from a friend of mine and I decided to try it out. 
> But I am confu sed about what I need to dowland.  I have that Jigdo
> program.  But what files exactly  to I need to download so that I can
> burn it to a cd or cd's to install it on my one of my computers to try. 

This page should explain things:
Follow the nearest official mirror link on that site and then chose 'i386'
as you have a conventional x86 PC. Then run jigdo and point it at the
woody-i386-1.jigdo file for the first CD and woody-i386-2.jigdo for the
second. Most people don't need more than the first one or two CDs. (If you
have a decent net connection you can just start the installation from the
frist CD and then get everything else over the net). If you are using the
windows version of Jigdo then I can't help you much with the details as
I've never used it.

The jigdo mini-HOWTO here:
will tell you everything you need to know (probably rather too much!) about
jigdo, although again it doesn't seem to have much to say about using the
Windows version of jigdo. Please send feedback if that doc doesn't tell you
what you need to know.

You can also either download a full iso image:

or just get a vendor to send you a couple of CDs:

> Also, what are the system requirements for the newest version. 
>  Are there any versions that will run on say a 486 or low Pentium? 

Current debian stable will work fine on low-end machines if you don't
install the latest super-dooper desktops that soak up all your disk space
and performance. Older Debian's have even smaller minimum install sizes but
trying to use those is not usually necessary. If you have a really small
machine read the 4MB-laptop HOWTO which describes hoe to get things going
on tiny, ancient hardware.

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