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Re: How does JIGDO fetch the debian packages?

On Fri 18 Oct, Abdul Latip wrote:

> Basically I am looking for apt/dpkg primitives that will
> inform where to locate the debian packages based on
> /etc/apt/preferences and /etc/apt/sources.list.
> As I have mentioned, I would like (at office) to fetch
> packages for my computer at home based on the result of
> "dpkg --get-selections". Most are "stable" but I would
> like to pin some unstable packages.

JIGDO is definately not going to help you here. It makes particular
pre-defined CD images, filling in the gaps in the image with files from the

You want to make CDs based on a subset of packages specified on a different
machine. That's tricky. 

apt-move will move packages from your local cache, or from the net to a
local debian-style archive and then you can use debian-cd to make a CD of
them. But that's not exactly what you want as it doesent help with the fact
that the package list comes from a different box.

You almost certainly want to use debian-cd to make a valid CD once you have
assembled a local archive of the right files, but I'm not sure which tools
you use to get the package list from your home machine and then suck all
the correct packages on your work machine. I'm sure we have something :-)
Take a look at apt-move - if you can substitute the wanted package list
that it uses with the one from your home machine then it probably does the
right thing. Likely to be a useful starting point anyway.

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