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TuxCDs Cheated Me Too

I also had a problem with TuxCDs.com after finding them on the Debian list. I didn't order Debian CDs, but I ordered Mandrake and Red Hat from them. I never heard from them and never got the order. Here is the email receipt:

David Roberts:

Thank you for shopping at TuxCDs.com.

Information for order number 10219 ordered on 6/10/2002. Please use this order number for any future reference. Your printable receipt is available online at:

You ordered:
  1x XXX XXX 7.3 Install (Arch: i386) @ 9.75
  1x Mandrake 8.2 3 CD Set (Arch: i586) @ 9.75

Subtotal     : $19.50
Shipping     : $5.00
Discount     : $0.00
Grand Total  : $24.50

Shipping to:
  David Roberts

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