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Woody 3.0r0 CD1 - bf2.4

Ran into a problem on two different computers with the woody cd I made
using jigdo.  If at the first boot prompt I hit enter or 'linux' and boot
into 2.2.20-pciide everything will work fine (actually, ran into problems
with framebuffer, but not serious).  The real problem comes if I type bf24
and hit enter.  It starts loading a 2.4.x kernel (I'm assuming
2.4.18-bf2.4).  It gets to loading some Compaq driver (SCSI?), I can't
remember exactly what and does a complete hang.  This has occured on a
nforce motherboard (MSI) and a Dell Inspiron notebook.  Not really a big
deal, just thought I'd let you know.

Good work otherwise, I like being able to select different kernels at

Oh yea, on the laptop the 2.2.20-pciide kernel failed to detect the pcmcia
ethernet card and didn't configure it.  Had to make sure to run 'dhclient'
on tty2 before I did any apt-getting.  It seemed to not have any of the
necessary modules.

Jeff Johnston

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