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Re: Debian-CD mirror on LEO

Hi Daniel,

On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 01:02:53PM +0200, Daniel Lang wrote:
> ftp.leo.org (which currently acts as ftp.de.debian.org) now carries
> the Debian CD ISO images.

Yippie! Finally, my own uni is offering Debian CD images for download! 

> We would be glad, if you could include us in your mirror list, on
> the Debian-CD webpages.

I'll commit the change shortly.

> At the moment we mirror by debcdmirror/pik, which I have patched a
> bit, to make it work. I will look at jigdo and eventually switch to
> jigdo if it works out.

For automated updates, you may want to try out jigdo-mirror. (Some
feedback about it would be nice, unfortunately it hasn't seen a lot of
testing yet.) jigdo-lite isn't really designed to be run

> (Our host system is FreeBSD, so maybe I need to put some porting
> work into jigdo).

jigdo is already part of the ports collection. There are two versions
of it there; "linux-jigdo" (ports/40834) uses BSD's Linux
compatibility mode, whereas "jigdo" (PR 40954) is a bit nicer, it
compiles the program under FreeBSD.



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