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Re: any distributor near bangkok?


On Fri, Feb 25, 2000 at 02:21:45PM +0000, Art & Rochelle Inion wrote:
> I would like to know if you have any members here in Bangkok who
> speak English and can provide the latest Debian distro on CD's
> (there are seven for Debian 3.0, right?). It's because I only have a
> ordinary modem dial-up account and would be difficult to download
> all CD images, prefering to "buy" the distro burned on CD's.

According to <http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/#tw>, there is no CD
distributor near you - the nearest I found was in Taiwan.

You could try asking on debian-user@lists.debian.org whether anyone
living in your area can send you some CDs.



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