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Debian-CD mirror on LEO

Hi Folks,

ftp.leo.org (which currently acts as ftp.de.debian.org)
now carries the Debian CD ISO images.

They are accessible via:


We would be glad, if you could include us in your mirror
list, on the Debian-CD webpages.

At the moment we mirror by debcdmirror/pik, which I have
patched a bit, to make it work. I will look at jigdo and
eventually switch to jigdo if it works out.

(Our host system is FreeBSD, so maybe I need to put
 some porting work into jigdo).

Best regards,
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                                                will be approximated. - 
*Daniel Lang * dl@leo.org * +49 89 289 25735 * http://www.leo.org/~dl/*

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