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Re: Seeking advice w/r to debcdmirror


Josip Rodin wrote on Wed, Aug 28, 2002 at 06:51:19PM +0200:
> > > Er, report a bug against the pseudo-image-kit for being broken?
> > 
> > Or use jigdo instead.  No one is working on pik anymore, and it's not the
> > recommended method for a mirror, either.
Ok, thanks. I followed the instructions on:


which does not mention jigdo but the debcdmirror/pik.
I've cc:'d debian-cd@lists.debian.org, so I hope they will
update the page.

I will have a look at jigdo.

> And on related note, debian-cd@lists.debian.org looks like a more
> appropriate place to ask this message :)
Indeed, I wasn't aware of that, and of course I thought
cd-mirroring is of course on-topic, here. Sorry. :)

Thanks & best regards,
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