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Debian jigdo download failed

The jigdo file was taken from:

Downloaded: 0 bytes in 0 files
Found 0 of the 15 files required by the template
Copied input files to temporary file `sarge-i386-1.iso.tmp' - repeat
command and supply more files to continue

Aaargh - 15 files could not be downloaded. This should not
happen! Depending on the problem, it may help to retry downloading
the missing files.
Also, you could try changing to another Debian or Non-US server,
in case the one you used is out of sync.

However, if all the files downloaded without errors and you
still get this message, it means that the files changed on the
server, so the image cannot be generated.
As a last resort, you could try to complete the CD image download
by fetching the remaining data with rsync.

Press Return to retry downloading the missing files.
Press Ctrl-C to abort. (If you re-run jigdo-lite later, it will
resume from here, the downloaded data is not lost if you press
Ctrl-C now.)
real    301m12.922s

I got this error shortly before Midnight, Central time (IL.)

Contents of jigdo file appended:

> cat ~/.jigdo-lite
jigdoOpts='--cache jigdo-file-cache.db'
wgetOpts='--passive-ftp --dot-style=mega --no-directories -e
continue=off -e ftp_proxy=http://p233:3128/ -e

I will try burning the ISO anyway, but this is the second time this
error has occurred, with different servers.  FYI.  (I am using the
latest Jigdo - 0.6.8.

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