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Re: CD Vendor List/Web Pages

On Wed, Aug 28, 2002 at 03:31:17PM -0400, Brian Fair wrote:
> I have noticed that some of the links to CD vendors are out of date. 
> I'd like to offer my help incontacting vendors to see if they're
> still in the business, and updating the web pages toreflect what I
> find.

That's great!

> Could someone put me in touch with whoever is responsible for this
> (or just the general debian-cd web maintainer) so I can find out if
> my help iswelcome.

I guess I'm sort of responsible for the CD web pages, but the CD
vendors data is actually stored in a database to which I haven't got
write access (Craig Small has).

As far as I'm concerned, your help is very welcome! Just mail requests
for changes to <cdvendors@debian.org>.



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