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Re: sarge CDs

On Wed, Aug 14, 2002 at 06:04:21PM +0100, Philip Hands wrote:
> > > Well, it might be nice, but how can I do non-US CDs on raff?
> > I'm still in favour of having a CD#n+1 non-US only CD, rather than
> > alternate CD#1's personally, and doing the non-US CD entirely separately,
> > on satie or open or wherever.
> There are two problems with that as I see it:
>    1) there's nowhere near a CD's worth in non-US, so it will almost
>       always up the CD count by 1

OTOH, for people who just get CD#1 (and CD#2 even), they'll get stuff that's
more useful than either random patented stuff or empty space.

>    2) This might be considered a personal opinion, but I've always
>       considered the true Debian distribution to include non-US, 

I think it makes more sense to consider it an "add-on". When all our
crypto stuff had to go in there, it was a pretty essential add-on, but
these days it isn't so much. Bunches of the stuff is just waiting to get
moved into main, some of the rest is blocked because it's violating the
GPL (by linking to openssl) and needs to either get fixed or get dropped
from non-US too, and what's left is generally neither hugely important
nor particularly well integrated. (non-US is a bit under 2% of unstable,
by source packages)

But he who does the work makes the rules, so, again, *shrug*.

> While on the subject, do you know why is it that we don't seem to have
> packages for lame & xine-css in non-US?  

The relevant patents and copyright laws affect Europe about as much as
the US.

> Well, jigdo seems to have mostly solved the torture level, and open has
> managed to drag itself to an uptime of 25 days, so while I'm still a bit
> concerned about it, it seems to be behaving itself a lot better since
> it's total body transplant.

Heh. Even my laptop has a higher uptime than that. :)


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