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Re: What kernel stuff on CD1? Was Still no TeX in CD#1

On Thu, May 30, 2002 at 01:57:38PM +0100, Philip Hands wrote:
> > Hmm, considering that woody has already 8 binary CDs (i.e. 7 "US" CDs
> > and 1 "non-US" one) a 2nd NONUS CD would not be such a big change.
> Steve noticed that several of the packages that claim to be non-US are
> actually now in main, but are also still in the non-US archive, which is
> what the fundamental problem is.
> Erlang is one of these, and once it's sorted out we'll have a bit more
> room on CD1, so there's no need for CD2_NONUS as it turns out.

I've already replied to Phil's bug about this, but this doesn't actually
work out: erlang's in non-US in testing and unstable, and won't be
moving for woody. There's a bunch of stuff for which new versions have
been uploaded to main for unstable, but most of those that haven't
already made it to woody, won't. I'll probably be updating woody some
more tomorrow wrt openh323 stuff moving (which is probably big, but no
promises as to whether it'll actually go into main for woody or not),
and various other things, if you want to wait 'til then to see what
happens. But most of that list isn't going to be changed.


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