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Re: What kernel stuff on CD1? Was Still no TeX in CD#1

On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 10:50, Santiago Vila wrote:
> On 30 May 2002, Philip Hands wrote:
> > On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 10:08, Santiago Vila wrote:
> > > If we accept that a first "non-US" CD does not necessarily have to
> > > contain the whole of non-US, we could change the way of generating
> > > the CDs from "Including most of non-US in CD#1, excluding big packages"
> > > to "Including packages from non-US in CD#1 according to their
> > > popularity, as we already do for main packages".
> >
> > But then we need a 2_NONUS, or perhaps we just arrange for all packages
> > to be in popularity order, and have as many non-US CDs as it happens to
> > take depending where the packages land.
> >
> > I think that's a big enough change to leave for a later release, unless
> > someone else is confident that they can change this without breaking
> > things.
> Hmm, considering that woody has already 8 binary CDs (i.e. 7 "US" CDs
> and 1 "non-US" one) a 2nd NONUS CD would not be such a big change.

Steve noticed that several of the packages that claim to be non-US are
actually now in main, but are also still in the non-US archive, which is
what the fundamental problem is.

Erlang is one of these, and once it's sorted out we'll have a bit more
room on CD1, so there's no need for CD2_NONUS as it turns out.

I'll report these as bugs against non-us, and possibly do something
nasty to my mirror to sort it out in the meantime.

A quick comparison of the .deb's in both non-US and main, gives this
list of suspects:


This list may include packages that are in non-US & main for reasons
based on differences between package versions, but it should contain all
the problem packages, that are really in main, but still lingering in
non-US as well.

Cheers, Phil.
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