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Re: What kernel stuff on CD1? Was Still no TeX in CD#1

On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 12:30, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Philip Hands wrote:
> > The good news is that TeX is in, the bad news is that packages such as
> > xdm, xfs & xterm are out.  This seems bad, but I suppose since gdm & kdm
> > are on there, and one can survive without xfs, and gnome-terminal is in,
> > we could actually live without those, but will the resulting lack of
> > x-window-system cause a problem with the tasks?
> Breaking X is imho a much worse than getting TeX on CD1. gnome-terminal
> is definitely not a replacement for xterm.

OK, the latest cut is much better:


Note' this is the diff against the "With X, but missing TeX" pre6, so
the fact that there is no mention of things like xdm means they're still
on CD#1

Things to note:

  erlang is still in, on the strength of its (spurious) listing as a
  non-US package, so once non-US is cleaned up, we'll have a load more
  space on CD#1.

  The three Non-US packages at the end of this, that have gone to CD#7,
  are also now in the main US archive, so are not in fact contaminating
  CD7 with non-US stuff.

  Having exchanged the kernel images for the kernel source, we should
  probably make sure that all the patches required to make the images
  we've removed also be included on CD#1 --- any suggestions on how to
  maintain a definitive list?

The jigdos that go with this are starting to appear here:


Cheers, Phil.
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