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Re: First try on Hurd-H4-CD1 jigdo files

Patrick Strasser wrote:

I hate to write this, but my nightly struggle for some number was vain.

Some statistics for the hurd-H4-CD1 image:
2069 files,
1888 packages,
381 could not be fetched from the Deibian mirrors (of which 3 where duplicates. Can this even happen?)
14 Packages* files,
4 Release files,
As I understand the system, that last two simply mean, the archive is not hte same as on CD.
91 packages can be fetched from alpha.gnu.org,
154 packages could not ber found on alpha either. I expect them to be superseded. ~120 remain as non-package files. These are: docs, tools, TRANS.TBLs, disks, etc.

Forget everything said above. Complete nonsense.

My big mistake was not to look into debian-staging and debian-stdio at alpha. We have nearly 4000 files, including lots of TRANS.TBL, which go into the template. We have 1896 packages, and 380 could be found on alpha (including the staging and stdio directories). Seems quite promising.

I played arround with the file list and finaly got a template with 10Mb size. I'm testing it ATM.


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Patrick Strasser <pstrasser at bigfoot dot de>
Student of Telematik, Techn. University Graz, Austria

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