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Re: First try on Hurd-H4-CD1 jigdo files

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 01:14:23AM +1200, Philip Charles wrote:
> The extra H4 files came from alpha.gnu.org/../debian-libio, future
> sets will be using alpha.gnu.org/../debian. This illustrates the
> problem of producing kits like jigdo for the Hurd, the Hurd is a
> rapidly moving target.

It's true that this makes using jigdo difficult, but as you can see
from Attila's sid CDs and DVDs, it's possible.

> If anyone could come up with a suitable scheme, we would love it.

For files that change very frequently, grep them out of the filenames
passed to jigdo-file so they end up in the template.

For other files (packages on the CD that become outdated and disappear
from the main mirror), one possibility is to set up an md5sum-based
fallback directory; for a "MD5Sum=http://foo/"; entry in the jigdo
file, jigdo will first look in the main mirror for a file, then for at
MD5Sum=http://foo/<md5sum>, where <md5sum> is the checksum of the file
as output by "jigdo-file md5sum".

Of course this assumes that you have the disc space to keep around
outdated packages...



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