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Re: First try on Hurd-H4-CD1 jigdo files

--- Patrick Strasser <past@sbox.tugraz.at> wrote:
> Patrick Strasser wrote:
> I hate to write this, but my nightly struggle for some number was vain.
> > Some statistics for the hurd-H4-CD1 image:
> > 2069 files,
> > 1888 packages,
> > 381 could not be fetched from the Deibian mirrors (of which 3 where 
> > duplicates. Can this even happen?)
> > 14 Packages* files,
> > 4 Release files,
> > As I understand the system, that last two simply mean, the archive is 
> > not hte same as on CD.
> > 91 packages can be fetched from alpha.gnu.org,
> > 154 packages could not ber found on alpha either. I expect them to be 
> > superseded.
> > ~120 remain as non-package files. These are: docs, tools, TRANS.TBLs, 
> > disks, etc. 
> Forget everything said above. Complete nonsense.
> My big mistake was not to look into debian-staging and debian-stdio at 
> alpha.
> We have nearly 4000 files, including lots of TRANS.TBL, which go into 
> the template. We have 1896 packages, and 380 could be found on alpha 
> (including the staging and stdio directories). Seems quite promising.
> I played arround with the file list and finaly got a template with 10Mb 
> size. I'm testing it ATM.
> Patrick

  I think you were right the first time.  You should not be looking at
debian-staging or debian-stdio anymore.  The H4 cd's are libio based, which
means alpha.gnu.org/gnu/hurd/debian is the only place outside the official 
archive you should look for packages.

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